Add you Site

For Monitoring your webSite:
To add your Website to our database your site should have:

  1. Monitoring image (ex.
  2. valid SSL certificate for your site is required.
  3.  Your site should have link to next to each program on your mail listings list.
  4. you can add onr page of our rate or add our logo in your main page

If user will follow this link - your site will be always on top of buttons list for this visitor.

Your website Status should be

1 - Paying
2 - Waiting
3 - Problem
4 - Not Paying
5 - Not Monitoring

For Other Sites:

Our site datebase check and monitoring your sites from our database and our team also our members  for new listings every day. Once your site appears on any of them your domain will be automatically included in our site databa

Price for add your website

$0 per month
 $10 per month Everything in Free plus Answer your reviews


 $35 per month Embedded reviow in your website

To buy our service just click i  the link and buy our servcie